Do You Want A Wife Led Relationship?

Published: 25th November 2009
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Being married means having both partners involved in the relationship equally. However, often one partner or the other tends to lead more. Does your wife lead your relationship more than you do? Is this type of relationship for you?

Some men are content not having to make decisions at home and happy with what she decides. Maybe you make all the important decisions at work and it's stressful. When you get home you'd rather kick your feet up a little bit, and let her run the show.

How all this plays out is based on how both of you feel, and what your preferences are. She decides how the finances work or what is best for the kids on most occasions. You let her do it and are happy about it.

But this can also be a burden on you as well. Especially if she is not totally comfortable with handling all of this responsibility. She might feel like you don't care rather than feeling fortunate to have this power. Perhaps she feels you push everything onto her and does not enjoy it. Balance is always a good policy in marriages. Giving her all the control makes this relationship very much wife led, and it could be something she doesn't want to do all the time.

But this is getting more and more a popular, and a dream for many men these days. Having a wife led marriage and relationship takes all the burden off you, and allows you to go with the flow, and not be stressed out by home life. The job is stressful enough. Taking a break while at home is very appealing.

Perhaps this carries over into the sex life as well. Powerful men dream of being dominated, and the rest of the wife led relationship just ads to the turn from her having control and power over you. The man still does things around the house but she doesn't say thank you, but rather "you're doing a good job". Sex is about her letting him have as much pleasure as she feels like giving him. She decides and dominates the entire transgression.

These relationships of course are not for everyone, and are not necessarily common. Although this wife led relationship seems as though it would be ideal for today's woman perhaps this is not the case. What kind of up bringing she had may play a role in how she really feels. Did she grow up with traditional values and now being asked to "take over"? The main chores of the home is still handled by the man but the main decisions are now handled by her. How does she really feel about this?

If this is the type of relationship you want you will want to discuss it with her. Write down everything you want, and how you feel about it. Make sure she is ok with this as well. She might enjoy it most of the time but not all the time, and will want you to step in. Whatever the case may be a wife led relationship can work out if things are open and honest.

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