Top Qualities Men Love Their Women To Have

Published: 01st December 2009
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Both men and women have lists and ideas in their head to what the ideal mate should be. Men especially have their qualities they look for in a woman. Most guys know exactly what these qualities are and can list them out when asked. These are the sexy and appealing qualities men find attractive and although sometimes men will be subtle about them or just keep it to themselves.

The following things are not set in stone but will most likely rank in high what men find sexy and appealing in most women:

1. Strong Sense of self. Many women complain to get attention from their man hoping he will save her, but most men today find it appealing when she is strong good looking woman is independent and has a strong sense of self.

2. Self Confidence. Woman who love what they do and themselves. While careful for not over self indulging about how great you are a guy will take notice and find you adorable in those little ways how you love yourself.

3. For the girls who think being smart is a bad thing your wrong. Being able to crack a witty joke during mid conversation is actually attractive to many men. Make a guy laugh. Show some reaction as well instead of being stone faced about things.

4. Be ready for anything. Guys love adventure and if you do to you are suddenly more appealing and will be remembered. Being able to enjoy life and not worry about makeup for one day or whatever the case is means you have a passion for life, which to a guy is attractive because being passionate could mean that translates to the bedroom as well.

5. Tenderness and caring. Guys want that mixture of a challenging and caring and sweet girlfriend. You are always thinking of him or just very thoughtful all the while being extremely cute doing. Adorable. Guys want to be able to adore his girl.

Men love all these qualities and many more. If you can put these on your list to improve about yourself you will likely to have a guy who will do anything for you no matter what, and love you forever.

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